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Preventative Maintenance and Restoration

At LogMedics we have years of experience ready to go to work for you.

We can help you with preventative maintenance as well as repairs - no matter how big or small.

Specializing in providing service to Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri, Kansas, Louisiana, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and Michigan

Cabin Restoration - Cleaning and Restoring Your Log Home

The first step of maintenance is clean surfaces. Keeping the logs clean will help prevent many problems throughout the life of your home. read more

Cabin Preservatives - Protect Your Log Home from Infestation, Mold and Mildew.

If you want to keep your logs preserved for a long time, use borates, the most popular treatment against mold, mildew and infestation. read more

Cabin Stains and Finishes - Beautify Your Log Home

The main task of finishing the logs is to repel moisture and protect against UV rays. Basically, all log homes should be refinished every 2 to 7 years. read more

Cabin Sealants - Log Home Chinking

When logs are first cut, they are very wet but when they dry out, they shrink. read more

Welcome to LogMedics.com

Logmedics,Inc provides a variety of services concerning log home restoration.

We are experienced in every aspect of the restoration process from log replacement, log repair, log railing installation and repair, media blasting, stripping, staining, chinking and more.

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I have to tell you that, just as you said, it looks great, stays cleaner, more comfortable and even during this miserably hot summer, our electric bill WENT DOWN!

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We are pleased to carry a full line of Perma-Chink Systems products.